About Me


A lactose-intolerant and processed-foods-intolerant foodie living in Portland, OR trying to save the world one perfect bite at a time…

A couple of years ago I traveled by myself in Europe, starting in Germany and making my way to Italy where I worked at a bed&breakfast in the countryside of Umbria in exchange for free room and board (I did it through a program called “Workaway”, you should all do this some day). I ate some of the best foods of my entire life during my stay. Tons of local fish (often smoked) along with fresh pasta and local vegetables. My very disagreeable stomach was of great concern to me, but cheese was easily avoided and everything was so fresh and simple — no processed junk! Life was like a dream..

My time in Italy made me recognize my love for eating and cooking with simple, locally grown, fresh ingredients and inspired me to start this blog.

I choose to eat and cook using healthy, nutrient-dense, whole food ingredients. The goal of every recipe I post — to create the perfect bite.

I’m currently working on getting my Master’s of Science in Nutrition at The National College of Natural Medicine in Portland, OR.  I can’t wait to combine my love for delicious food with nutrition science and share all the things that I learn with you guys!



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