Pete comes to town… :)

My Dad came to Portland last weekend — yay first visitor! It was such a treat to have him here and I’m sad he’s gone, but we had a really great time! Friday was a rainy day, so we got a lot of errands done and had some amazing sushi at Masu.

Saturday we met my cousin at Cafe Broder. It’s a Scandinavian cafe that has AMAZING food (according both yelp and me). Anticipating a long wait on a Sat morning, we got there at 9am (which is when it opens) and the place was already packed! I guess the regular customers know to come extra early if you don’t want to wait. So we put our name down on a list and waited. Sure enough, we were seated and I was ravenous.

I ordered the Ptyy i Panna (Swedish hash) with smoked trout (I’m a sucker for smoked fish). Beneath those baked eggs is a hash of potatoes, bell peppers, and onions with chunks of smoked trout. On top of the eggs are pickled beets and on the side were some pickled cucumbers and onions and some fresh baked walnut bread. I mean….this is my kind of breakfast. Multiple elements that allow you to create your own custom bite and make it a little different every time.

Immediately after breakfast, we headed to the PSU Portland Farmer’s Market to gather some local produce and goodies.

photo 2-23
I was overwhelmed with the variety of apples, so of course I had to sample each one…

IMG_5889 IMG_5860
Gourds galore!

I bought some hand-made pasta – boil for 2 minutes. Yes, I can do that. After that, I headed straight for the mushrooms…A lil pasta with sauteed mushrooms and garlic anyone? Yup.

Picking out a butternut squash. Shall I roast? Sauté? Purée for soup or a creamy pasta sauce? TBD…

After the market, we scooped Louise from her home and went to the Willamette Valley for an afternoon of wine tasting.





Wine, Adirondack chairs, and beautiful fall weather. Don’t mind if dooo

Dinner was a hard decision but we ended up at Sen Yai for some yummy Thai food

A lil tamarind whiskey sour to go with my…

…Suki Haeng — Thai stir-fried glass noodles with napa, sprouts, carrots, water spinach. Chinese celery, tofu and eggs with a chili-beancurd sukiyaki sauce. Stri-fried to perfection, this dish was a winner. It was much prettier before I ate half of it…sometimes eating takes precedent over food photographing. Well, most of the time…

(Not shown — Salt & Straw for dessert)

Then, night ended at the nearby Palio Dessert & Espresso House, where Pete and I had a nice father-daughter talk over some hot tea, cider and a raspberry crumb bar.

The perfect ending to a wonderful visit 🙂 Miss you already Dad!



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