Welcome to Portland, food edition.

The beginning of many cheap eats in Portland.

Day 1:

Kik Key Wot at Enat Kitchen. That large crepe looking thing is called ‘injera’ and it’s basically like a spongy sourdough crepe. The kik key wot is a stew of spicy split peas with onion, garlic, ginger and a berbere sauce I love Ethipian food because you’ve gotta eat it with your hands  which makes it so much more fun. You rip off a piece of the injera and use it as a vehicle for the split pea stew to absorb into and then put it directly into your mouth before it all falls on your plate.

Day 2:

Khao Man Gai Jay at Nongs Khao Man Gai. Perfectly cooked rice with warm tofu, a side of steamed greens with this magical house made gingery, soy sauce. Really just overwhelmed with the amount of perfect bites I got out of this meal.

…and they had crayons and coloring paper…never too old!

‘Basic plate’ from Robo Taco. Some tasty pinto beans, seasoned rice, fresh salsa and a heft portion of guac (always appreciated) served with corn tortillas. I love getting blank tortillas so you can formulate your own taco filling ratios. So basic and so perfect.

Louise got two lil tofu chorizo tacos with the works. We were both very very happy!

Day 3:

Koi Fusion food truck.

Kimchi tofu rice bowl from Koi Fusion. This rice bowl was decent, nothing to write home about. The kimchi was not as flavorful as I expected and the tofu was cold, which was weird…However, it is pretty so I figured I’d share.

Ethiopian food, round 2. This is Kik Wet and Tsebhi Kinttishara from Queen of Sheba. Split pea stew and Oregon mushroom stew on top of some oh so tangy injera. I can’t get enough of that Kik Wot split pea stew, it’s so spicy and flavorful. Mushrooms are my favorite veggie, so I felt inclined to order the mushroom stew, which was a wonderful meaty accompaniment to the split peas. The injera was more tangy than most I’ve had, which I appreciated because the stews were so spicy, so the tanginess in the injera kind of cooled it down a bit.

Late night beer at Dechutes Brewery in the Pearl District. I got a light summer ale and Louise got the GF beer  offering (yay!). I’m loving Portlands beer scene.

Day 4:

Alder street food cart pod! Too many options!

The Grilled Cheese Grill food truck!

Offering up some GF grilled cheese, Louise could not resist. Grilled cheese with pesto on yummy GF bread.
Pad Thai at Tarad Thai. I read about this place in a local magazine that claimed it had the best pad Thai in Portland. Well, it was the best pad Thai I’ve ever had, and I’ve had many. The sauce was not overly sweet or salty and it tasted so fresh and clean, not heavy at all. I’ll be back…

Cleaned that one off pretty well.

Voodoo Doughnuts for desert…long line, but worth it. I read about this place in some travel magazine at home in CT, so this visit had to be done.

Um…. drooling. Voodoo is known for their crazy flavor combos, however I’m very much a plain glazed kind of gal. I was so temped to get the giant doughnut with frosting and Oreo bits, but I knew it wouldn’t leave me feeling so hot, so I stuck with my gut and got the old-fashioned glazed.

YUM. So fresh, so moist, so fried….

Another really well known stop, Salt & Straw. Also read about this place in a travel magazine. They are known for their crazy, inventive flavors, fresh ice-cream and waffle cones made to order. The whole place just smelt like waffles. Some flavors included green fennel and maple, bone marrow and smoked bourbon cherries, honey balsamic strawberry with cracked pepper…I mean the list goes on. I stay away from ice cream, but Louise ended up getting the honey lavender and the sea salt almond brittle.


Day 5:

Lunch stop at the Cartopia food cart pod. Ethiopian food, round 3? I can’t stay away. I stopped at Rahel’s Ethiopian Food.

Cartopia food truck pod.

Firfer. Piece of injera mixed with a split pea stew and salad on the side. It was tasty, filling and only $5. Just can’t get enough.


Food cart pod on Hawthorne.

Potato Champion!!!

Louise got Satay Poutine Fries. Mmmmm tasty.

I got some dolmas from the Tahrir Square Egyptian food cart. We were both very content.

Overall, this city has won me over in the food department. So many affordable food options. You can stop to grab a casual bite at a food truck or stop at hole in the wall for an easy meal. Many more food posts to come!



2 thoughts on “Welcome to Portland, food edition.

  1. My head is spinning and my taste buds yearning!!!

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    Did you ROBEKS today?

    From: Super Foodie Life Reply-To: Super Foodie Life Date: Thursday, August 28, 2014 at 12:48 PM To: Katrina Bickford Subject: [New post] Welcome to Portland, food edition.

    WordPress.com schweezelbug posted: “The beginning of many cheap eats in Portland. Day 1: Kik Key Wot at Enat Kitchen. That large crepe looking thing is called ‘injera’ and it’s basically like a spongy sourdough crepe. The kik key wot is a stew of spicy split peas with onion, garlic,”

  2. Best post yet. Everything looks amazing, but for you to say the that pad Thai was amazing…it must be off da charts!!! Living the dream. Misssssss ya!!

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