Last Days in Montana

Our last week in Montana Sweet Pea Festival in Bozeman, relaxing on the farm and many visits to the Bank Bar.

Live music at the Sweet Pea Festival.


The Pines. Our host Billy Conway was a surprise guest drummer.

Rocky Mountainaires barbershop quartet at Tater-pig! We’re talkin a sausage link inserted into the core of a baked potato with toppings such as sour cream, cheese, bacon bits…YUM.

Chilla (yes that’s her name) chillin’ in the antique shop. Tons of cool cowboy stuff.

The Bank Bar in Wilsall. Pretty much the most exciting place in town…

Almost daily game of pool at the Bank Bar!

Best part, free popcorn! More please…

Chilla and Verity lookin’ cute for the cowboys.

The outhouse AKA “Chubbs Hub”

View from inside the outhouse…not too shabby.

Our last morning at Crazy View Farm. I miss waking up to that view.


2 thoughts on “Last Days in Montana

  1. All sounds good EXCEPT the pig part. Do you know about Esther the Pig? Check her out on FB. You’ll never eat those sweet, extremely smart animals again. Its like eating a dog. Other than that your trip sounds amazing!

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