First major stop, Chicago!
A number of people told us that the best way to see Chicago is by doing a river cruise/tour. Excellent advice. I had no idea Chicago was built on all of these canals, kind of reminded me of Amsterdam. It also has a fascinating architectural history with so many different styles of buildings and famous architects.


Travel = food = in my mouth. Who better to turn to for dinner advice than Guy Fieri? After extensive triple D  research, we decided on Irazu – an authentic Costa Rican restaurant. I got ‘Casado’ — chicken with caramelized onions served with white rice, black beans, sweet plantains, an over easy egg and  cabbage salad. It looked prettier before I dug in…it’s just so hard to remember to take a picture when all I can think about is putting it in my mouth.

We happened to walk by the Lincoln Park Farmer’s Market, a wonderful coincidence.
Thanks for posing dude.

Look at the cutie little squash blossoms.


Another AMAZING coincidence, the first day of Taste of Chicago just so happened to be the day we had to wander around the city.

Of course, I got pad Thai.



The last supper was at Homeslice, which we were told had killer pizza.  I really felt like I had to try the Chicago-style deep dish pizza, but I’m a thin crust kind of lady and the idea of a 3 in high crust with mounds of cheese just isn’t appealing to me.

Once again, forgot to snap a pic before I ate. Thin and crispy with a pillowy crust and  topped with all sorts of goodies. Knowing that we would be living off of bird food for the next few days, we were very thankful for this last supper.


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