SoWa Open Market

The farmer’s markets are starting up again!! I hate that awkward dry period somewhere between March and May when the Winter markets have ended and the Summer markets have yet to begin.

Awkward, terrible dry period is now over and there is an abundance of local spring produce! SoWa Open Market is one of my favorites because not only are there tons of local produce and goods being sold, but there is also a vintage market, an art market and a very large area full of food trucks. It really is a dream.

Food not only tastes better when you buy local, but also makes you feel better about spending your money.  I always end up spending more than intended, but at least I know I’m directly supporting local businesses and farms. Buy local!!

photo 4-14

photo 5-8

Rainbow chard is so pretty

photo 3-16

photo 1-22

photo 2-21

So much green

I ended up leaving with kale, mustard greens, tomatoes, and the newest Taza chocolate disc flavor: 85% super dark, right up my alley.

I also had a Bon Me rice bowl, which disappeared too fast to be photographed. Sorry…

And then this happened…


Frozen hoagie 🙂

This genius creation is from the Frozen Hoagies food truck. Mint chocolate explosion and vanilla ice cream sandwiched between two chocolate chip cookies. My lactose-very-tolerant friend got this and was kind enough to offer me a bite. Sometimes it’s just worth it.


2 thoughts on “SoWa Open Market

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