Ingredient of the day: eggplant

The most common variety is large and pear shaped with deep purple skin and a spongy cream colored flesh. I usually enjoy eggplant in it’s finest form: roasted and blended up with  olive oil, tahini, garlic, lemon juice, salt and pepper. This smoky and light yet creamy eggplant concoction is also known as baba ghanouj. Fresh warm pita with baba ghanouj definitely qualifies as a ‘perfect bite’ in my book.
In Italy, I would often get pizza with aubergine (as they call it). It’s one of my favorite pizza toppings because when roasted or fried, it adds a fresh, rich and smoky component to the pizza.

Other reasons to eat eggplant…

They contain many phytonutrients, the most powerful being ‘nasunin’  that is a potent antioxidant specifically linked to protecting brain cells against free radicals.

Phenolic antioxidants, noteably ‘chlorogenic acid‘ which is said to be one of the most potent in preventing free radicals. It also helps give eggplant that slightly bitter taste.

Reduces cholesterol — good for your heart!

Regulates iron in your blood. Iron is not bad, but in excess it can create free radicals. The nasunin in eggplant can detect increased iron in the blood and use mechanisms to reduce it.


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