Ingredient of the day: filberts!

Ich liebe haselnüß — sehr lecker! In my  opinion, hazelnuts are the most decadent nut. Perhaps its because I associate them strongly with chocolatey treats like Ferrero rochers, Baci kisses, and Nutella. Great news for you chocolate-hazelnut addicts — hazelnuts have some pretty awesome health benefits, so make a few extra batches of my Homemade Nutella 😉

Some things hazelnuts do really well:

Provide monounsaturated fats important in regulating cholesterol and overall cardiovascular health .
Contain lots of fiber. Good news for your bowels! No need to buy those sugary fiber bars, just eat some nuts.
Rich in manganese and copper – these minerals are important for bone health (among many other things!).
Rich in vitamin E – antioxidant functions that fight off free radicals in your body (free radicals are linked to causing cancer).

Try these hazelnutty recipes: Healthy “Ferrero Rochers”, Pumpkin Ginger Rice Noodles, Homemade Nutella


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