Ingredient of the day: mushrooms!

I love mushrooms. Their meatiness is texturally satisfying; their unique and profound earthiness creates subtle flavors unable to be replicated by other ingredients; and finally, they soak up flavors like itty bitty sponges. Other than being delicious, mushrooms have been used medicinally for centuries due to their powerful healing effects.

Firs of all, there are over 14,000 different kinds of mushrooms. Soo let’s narrow down a little and talk cremini mushrooms…
(Fun fact: cremini mushrooms are just baby portabellos)

Immune system: they contain tons of cancer fighting phytonutrients.
Their hormone regulating qualities aid specifically in preventing breast cancer and prostate cancer.
Inflammation: they decrease chronic inflammation — long-term effect being REALLY GOOD for your body, especially your cardiovascular system.
Anti-oxidants: rich in selenium, zinc, manganese.
Cardiovascular: they contain B vitamins that are essential for heart health; their anti-inflammatory effects and antioxidants protect your blood vessels and heart.

…and those are just some highlights of these magical shrooms.

Mushrooms should be on your list of “must buy organic”. Remember when I said they absorb flavors like sponges? Well, they also happen to absorb pesticides and fungicides like sponges to. More importantly, they love to pump up on heavy metals if they are grown in non-organic, chemically treated environments. Heavy metals are NOT something you want to be ingesting and depositing into your body. Bite the bullet and buy organic mushrooms.


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