Moroccan Stuffed Mushroom, Baked Falafel, and Baba Ghanouj

I love dishes that have lots of elements to both combine to create “the perfect bite” or simply enjoy on their own. My friends always make fun of me for always trying to create “the perfect bit”….I think they’re just jealous of my success.

Stuffed Mushrooms – I used this recipe as a base and changed it up a bit using quinoa and portobello
Baked Falafel – I followed this recipe pretty closely with minor changes. I’ll admit, these did not turn out as I hoped in terms of consistency (a lil mushier than expected) but they still tasted amazing!
Baba Ghanouj – This is just an example recipe. I’ve made this before so I generally eyeball the amount of each ingredient and do it to taste.



Oh and here is the leftover’s salad I made a couple of nights later. Spinach and watercress topped with the mushroom stuffing and baba ghanouj. The lil baby cornbread is hiding in the back. No one can stop me from satisfying a cornbread craving.


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